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Tuesday May 1, 2018

01 May. 2018

Morning Announcements - Tuesday 

A reminder that Mrs. Sandberg has received more prom dresses and pants and shirts.. Go and see her before you shop for a dress, she may have something that you love.



Monday April 30, 2018

30 Apr. 2018

Morning Announcements - Monday

The Health Nurse is not here today at lunch time.


Thursday April 26, 2018

26 Apr. 2018

Morning Announcements - Thursday

Remember to sign up for the late bus by noon.

There is no school tomorrow as it is a PD Day for students.

Today is recycling day - please remember to empty your blue containers.


Wednesday April 25, 2018

25 Apr. 2018

Morning Announcements - Wednesday

Friday is a PD Day - no school for students.


Tuesday April 24, 2018

24 Apr. 2018

Morning Announcements - Tuesday

Friday, April 27 is a PD Day for students - there is no school. 

Mrs. Sandberg has well over a hundred prom dresses and some pants and shirts available for anyone to borrow. Please see her before you shop for a dress, she might have something that you love. There is no charge to borrow the items.

The Keewatin Patricia District School Board is looking for summer students. Check out their website or
ss Ms. Magel for more information.